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Communication 2: Integration of Sustainable Development Goals in climate action plans in the city of Glasgow

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conference contribution
posted on 2021-03-15, 21:21 authored by Leticia Ozawa-Meida, Abdulrahman F. A. Alajmi

Climate actions plans are being developed around the world by different countries and cities to address the negative effects of climate change. Glasgow city in Scotland is also affected by climate change, and its city council has started to implement Sustainable Development Goals to decrease its vulnerability to climate change and to achieve a sustainable Glasgow city. The aim of this study is to perform a sustainability assessment of Glasgow city in terms of environmental, social, and economic quality aspects as well as greenhouse gas emissions using an available sustainability assessment tool. The performed sustainability analysis using the CASBEE-City assessment tool shows that Glasgow city is a relatively sustainable city with adequate scores regarding the quality of life of its citizens and low greenhouse gas emissions. Recommendations for achieving a better sustainability in this city based on the evaluated indicators are increasing urban greenspaces around the city, local electricity and heat generation with low carbon sources, and improving crime prevention by reducing inequalities in income and education.


Integrating the sustainable development goals into climate planning in British and Japanese cities

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