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Communication 3: One-Stop-Shop for Deep Renovation: Examples of Local Interventions in residential sector in achieving SDG 7.3

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conference contribution
posted on 2021-03-15, 21:21 authored by Brijesh Mainali, Krushna Mahapatra
This paper presents the challenges and possibilities in the journey of establishing One-Stop-Shop (OSS) for energy renovation with three case examples. The paper compares three models; municipality owned (Cyprus), private and public-private partnership with operational support from municipalities (Netherlands), and privately owned and market based (Sweden) OSS models. The study is based on the situational analysis with market gap identification for the energy renovation of the dwellings and CANVAS analysis of the studied OSS models. The commonalities and peculiarities of different OSS models have been closely observed and the strength and weaknesses within these models are critically discussed. The analysis has shown that lack of awareness, inconvenience and cumbersome renovation process and lack of access to finance are the common challenges of energy renovation market. The study has also shown that the OSS model and its setting up journey may vary depending upon the market conditions, readiness, existing level of government support, and nature of the organization willing to initiate the OSS.