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Communication 5: The new barriers to developing a fairer society: Are Food Banks contributing to the vicious circle that is widening the poverty gaps in our cities and communities

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conference contribution
posted on 2021-03-15, 21:20 authored by Errol Hemans

This paper looks at some of the unintended consequences of food banks and the potential barriers they are now creating to developing a fairer society. It considers how food banks have become part of a vicious circle that is contributing to plugging the gaps of widening poverty within our cities and communities.

It is recommended that more training, education, and awareness needs to be carried out to help change the discussion and increase the dialogue and debates related to both causes and solutions of food surplus and waste. There are several criteria which the government should put in place which includes, improve the access to short term benefits in advance, enhance the decision making and the linkages between local health and financial. Improve access to hardship payments and other allowances. Introduce legislative recognition of ‘social rights’ and the need for further stimulation to local economic development to help reduce worklessness, and the need to bust educational attainment.