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Application of a novel impedance-based freeze-drying Microscopy for formulation development. Formulation solutions for diversifying biopharmaceutical portfolios, 11th July 2019, Manchester, UK

Poster and Podium presentation at Formulation solutions for diversifying biopharmaceutical portfolios; Knowledge Transfer Event (Innovate UK) at Manchester Institution of Biotechnology; 11 July 2019.

Over the past few decades, a number of analytical instruments have been developed for the characterization of product formulations intended for Lyophilisation. Freeze-drying microscopy (FDM) is now used routinely to determine the critical temperature at which the product may collapse during primary drying (Tc) whereas a combination of differential thermal analysis (DTA) with electrical impedance analysis has been used to study the critical temperatures of a sample in a frozen state (i.e. the glass transition, ice crystallisation and eutectic melting temperatures). In this study, a combination of impedance spectroscopy with freeze-drying microscopy (Z-FDM, G. Smith, 2019) has been reported for the first time.


Innovate UK - FastLyo Project (grant ref: 133425)