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Digital Syzygies

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posted on 2022-11-09, 10:39 authored by Solomiya MorozSolomiya Moroz, Craig VearCraig Vear

Digital Syzygies is a collection of digital scores facilitated by the Emotiv Insight EEG Headset Brain Interface to connect four musicians who were remotely located (in Sweden, Sri Lanka/London, Brighton and Leicester). This technology was defined by Andrew Hugill and his team as a novel solution with which to bind the quartet who are either autistic or are d/Deaf (Hugill is both), and as an inclusive mechanism with which to support a shared creative pursuit. Over 6 months of experimentation, ongoing concepts and theoretical frameworks developed by the DigiScore project were used to develop a set of neural-controlled musical compositions.


Digital Scores – investigating the technological transformation of the music score

European Research Council

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