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Elsey et al - Communication & Sport article - Supplementary Materials - Mental Injury Timelines

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posted on 2020-10-22, 12:12 authored by Christopher ElseyChristopher Elsey, Peter Winter, Susan Litchfield, Sharon Ogweno, James Southwood
This document includes supplementary material that should be read alongside the research article published in the Communication & Sport journal.
The full reference for the paper:
This document contains a number of retrospective 'mental injury' timelines that provide an overview of individual sports players' mental health disclosures, including absences from competition.
Weblinks to key sources are included.
The players/case studies included in the analysis,
1. Lenny Pidgeley (Football)
2. Everson Griffen (American Football)
3. Imani Boyette (Basketball)
4. Brandon Brooks (American Football)
5. Brandon Marshall (American Football)
6. Marcus Trescothick (Cricket)
7. Sarah Taylor (Cricket)