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Learning Words With Unfamiliar Orthography: The Role Of Cognitive Abilities

posted on 2022-08-31, 11:50 authored by Marie-Josee BissonMarie-Josee Bisson
This project investigated the mechanisms supporting the learning of words with familiar and unfamiliar orthographies. Participants took part in a series of learning tasks where FL words where presented orally and in writing along with a picture depicting the meaning of the words. Word learning was then measured through a meaning recall task. Participants also completed a series of memory tasks (short-term and working memory), tasks assessing their phonological and acoustic abilities, as well as a native language vocabulary test. We collected orthographic and phonological familiarity judgments using another sample of participants. The files attached include the individual differences data (predictors.txt), the recall data, the orthographic and phonological judgment data as well as a code book. It also includes the list of stimuli (Welsh words) and the results of the principal component analysis.


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