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Lethal Wilt Evolution

posted on 2019-06-18, 13:25 authored by Conor FahyConor Fahy, Fabio CaraffiniFabio Caraffini, Mario GongoraMario Gongora
These two videos show the evolution of lethal wilt over time in the Santa Barbara plantation (Unipalma De Los Llanos, Colombia).

The History.avi animation depicts,on a montly basis, currently infected palms (i.e. RED marks) as well as infected palms in the previous 6 months (i.e. orange marks). The number below "month" in the bottom corner of the animation encodes both month and year: "1809" refers to the 9th month (i.e. September) of 2018, "1402" is the 2nd month (i.e. Febrauary) of 2014, and so on.

The KDE.avi animation displays Kernal Density Estimation
probability density functions computated over time windows of 6 months: the 1st window is ranges from month 1 to month 6, the 2nd one from month 2 to 7, the 3rd from 3 to 8, and so on.


Royal Academy of Engineering - Newton Fund Industry Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP1\100130)