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No Woman's Land - Film Documentary

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posted on 2019-11-06, 13:45 authored by Rosie GartonRosie Garton

In 1945, Rippel’s Grandmother; Lucia was violently expelled from her place of birth, Brzeznica, Silesia. She walked 220 miles to Pulspforde, Germany with her two small children. In 2015, Garton and Rippel retraced her footsteps, undergoing a physical endurance in order to gain a level of embodied understanding of a migratory experience. Garton recorded sounds, sights, and interviews from the walk, which she combined with archival footage to storyboard a short film that provided an insight into the lesser-toldaccounts of woman’s traumatic migration in the aftermath of WWII. The film (2016), edited by Tom Walsh, forged conversations between past and present migratory politics.

This short documentary provides a historical context of a lesser told female narrative of migration in World War II. Combining archival footage, interviews and footage of Garton and Rippel’s walk its charts a past and present journey through unstable geographies as a result of war and migration.

Screened at various UK festivals (inc. PULSE, Ipswich), National and International Conferences (inc. Chulalonkorn University, Bangkok, IFTR Brazil 2017 & Belgrade 2018) and Exhibitions (inc. Somerset House - LADA 2017 & NEAT Festival 2016)


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