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D1.4 Report on Ethical Tensions and Social Impacts

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posted on 2021-02-09, 18:32 authored by Mark RyanMark Ryan, Philip Brey, Kevin MacnishKevin Macnish, Tally HatzakisTally Hatzakis, Owen King, Jonne Maas, Ruben Haasjes, Ana Fernandez, Sebastiano Martorana, Isaac Oluoch, Selen Eren, Roxanne Van Der Puil

The Deliverable examines ethical tensions in the use of SIS in a pragmatic and comprehensive way, beginning with ethical issues related to the actual design of the technologies themselves. Whether or not there are inherent issues with their functioning, capacities, and programming (sections 2 and 5).

The document then identifies the main ethical issues within the debate for the use of SIS in practice, outlining 24 of the key ethical concerns found within the literature (section 4). While the technologies themselves, and their use, raise important concerns that need to be addressed, it is important to not overlook specific domain applications and fields of practice, which is reviewed in section 6 of this report.

The Deliverable will also give a thorough analysis of the main ethical issues related to research & innovation aspects of SIS development (section 7). The report will subsequently finish with a detailed analysis of the main ethical issues and possible solutions within the report (section 8), in an attempt to identify, allocate, and group such a wide body of information into the most prevalent concerns for society today.


European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme Under Grant Agreement no. 786641


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