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D1.5 Current Human Rights Frameworks

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posted on 2020-05-06, 12:36 authored by Andreas AndreouAndreas Andreou, Stephanie Laulhe ShaelouStephanie Laulhe Shaelou, Doris SchroederDoris Schroeder

Smart Information Systems (SIS), which are a combination of big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), constitute an integral part of our lives. From Google search, Amazon’s Alexa, surgery robots, digital libraries, location-based devices, affective computing, and human machine symbiosis, almost everybody in high-income regions is affected by SIS on daily basis.

Meanwhile, human rights and ethics discussions about SIS are taking place whilst the technologies are already omnipresent. The UK House of Lords, the UNESCO, the European Commission and the Pope, are only a few examples of those working on the human rights and ethics aspects of SIS.


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