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D3.4 Report on standardisation activities

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posted on 2021-02-09, 18:32 authored by marlou bijlsmamarlou bijlsma, Thamar ZijlstraThamar Zijlstra, Bernd StahlBernd Stahl, Doris SchroederDoris Schroeder
This SHERPA Deliverable on standardization asks whether a standard for ethical handling of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an option to avoid major ethical issues arising from the technology.
To this end, the authors of this Deliverable facilitated the exchange of interest and ideas between AI and big data stakeholders and SHERPA. AI and big data stakeholders were informed about SHERPA and its focus on ethical handling of AI, and SHERPA partners were taught about standardization and contributed to ongoing standardization projects on AI and big data. This exchange of interests, knowledge and experiences provided insight into the feasibility of applying SHERPA’s results on ethics and human rights in AI to standardization processes. This SHERPA task revealed that many standardization activities on AI and big data were already ongoing. The SHERPA project developed knowledge in the form of case studies, scenarios and guidelines that were shared with these ongoing standardization activities. SHERPA partners provided expert input in the form of comments to ongoing standardization activities, in the field of AI and big data as well as related sectoral topics such as health care, sustainable development and energy grids. The task found limited interest in organising round tables for discussions or initiatig new standardization work in light of a number of ongoing standardization activities. Other opportunities to embed ethics considerations into AI standardization were pursued. Most notably, a chapter and an annex on ethics was added to the European standard for health and wellness apps.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme Under Grant Agreement no. 786641


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