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D5.7 Ethics by Design and Research Ethics for AI

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posted on 2021-11-03, 11:38 authored by Philip Jansen, Adam Henschke, Yasemin Erden, Samuela Marchiori, Philip Brey, Marit Hoefsloot
In this report, we outline the Ethics by Design approach, especially as developed in the SIENNA project. We then offer some approaches to teaching this methodology so as to support researchers in their practice. The report can also be used to embed Ethics by Design, and as a toolkit for researchers and research ethics assessors, including for research ethics for artificial intelligence. The report begins with a review of Ethics by Design, followed by an outline of some challenges and proposed solutions. Then we offer a foundation for applying this content in an educational context, first in academia and then as training materials that can be used in a business or company setting. In the annexes, we provide sample syllabi and course outlines. These materials have been piloted in a number of contexts, including as delivered in training sessions for researchers and employees within the European Commission’s H2020 funding programme, and as offered to those who intend to bid for Horizon Europe funding. The report builds on existing SHERPA work to develop guidelines for developers of AI as well as guidelines for users of AI. In these ways the task feeds into the EC’s guidance for ethics review of Horizon Europe projects.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme Under Grant Agreement no. 786641


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