De Montfort University

Andrew Wright


  • Effects of Future Climate Change and Adaptation Measures on Summer Comfort of Modern Homes across the Regions of the UK
  • Appliances taxonomy across both domestic and nondomestic building sectors
  • Simulation of a naturally ventilated building at different locations
  • Central heating thermostat settings and timing: Building demographics
  • Exergy-based control of electricity demand and microgeneration
  • What is the relationship between built form and energy use in dwellings?
  • Evidence for climate change relevant to building design in the UK, 1976-2000
  • Local climate policy: Lessons from a case study of transfer of expertise between UK local authorities
  • Appliances taxonomy across both domestic and nondomestic building sectors
  • Identifying trends in the use of domestic appliances from household electricity consumption measurements
  • Energy flow management of a hybrid renewable energy system with hydrogen
  • A new modelling approach which combines energy flows in manufacturing with those in a factory building
  • Low energy and sustainable solutions online knowledge system
  • Investigating the thermal characteristics of English dwellings: Summer temperatures
  • Large scale energy surveys in the UK retail sector
  • Carbon Reduction in Buildings (CaRB) - Understanding the social and technical factors that influence energy use in UK homes
  • Development of a building energy model for carbon reduction in the uk non-domestic stock
  • Longitudinal analysis of energy metering data from non-domestic buildings
  • Experimental study of a domestic solar-assisted ground source heat pump with seasonal underground thermal energy storage through shallow boreholes
  • PVT based solar assisted ground source heat pump system: Modelling approach and sensitivity analyses
  • Concepts for dynamic modelling of energy-related flows in manufacturing
  • Public attitudes to personal carbon allowances: Findings from a mixed-method study
  • A comparison of analytical and numerical model predictions of shallow soil temperature variation with experimental measurements
  • Targeting household energy-efficiency measures using sensitivity analysis
  • Factory modelling: Combining energy modelling for buildings and production systems
  • Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency: An integrated approach to innovation in the low-carbon overhaul of UK social housing
  • The nature of domestic electricity-loads and effects of time averaging on statistics and on-site generation calculations
  • Dwelling temperatures and comfort during the August 2003 heat wave
  • New approaches to gathering, analysis and interpretation of half hourly energy metering data from buildings
  • Home energy efficiency grants and advice: Findings from the English Midlands
  • Information, communication and entertainment appliance use - Insights from a UK household study
  • Micro-encapsulated phase change material (MPCM) slurries: Characterization and building applications
  • Keeping Cool in the Desert: Using Wind Catchers for Improved Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality at Half the Energy

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