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BetaX, 72 Church Gate

posted on 2022-09-14, 12:37 authored by Tracy HarwoodTracy Harwood

Content in this file is attributed to Les Hayden - any re-use must recognize this named creator.


Content produced for Photogrammetry Contest, August 2022 (see www.art-ai.io/programme/betax-photo-comp/.


Content comprises 3D model and image files for BetaX Gallery, 72 Church Gate, Leicester, lat 52.638346 long -1.1350366. 


The equipment used to create the images is phone camera, PhotoCatch (1.3.4), Blender (3.2.2) and Final Cut Pro (10.6.3). Textures were captured and ready UV mapped by the photogrammetry app. In Blender the textures were ready applied by the PhotoCatch app and so no additional texturing was used. 


Leicester City Council