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Code & Supporting Material for "Towards a Software Tool for General Meal Optimisation"

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posted on 2022-05-19, 20:30 authored by James IzzardJames Izzard, Fabio CaraffiniFabio Caraffini, Francisco ChiclanaFrancisco Chiclana
This repository contains software packages, data and other supporting/extended material for the publication entitled "Towards a Software Tool for General Meal Optimisation".

The "imageGallery" archive contains the source images included in the article. Some are also displayed in the main folder of this repo for preview.

The "UML_Diagrams" archive contains the UML diagrams of the prototype of the proposed software platform (referred to as "pyDiet" here).

The "code" archive contains the folders "pydiet_src", hosting the source code for the pyDiet platform, and "test_problem_configs", containing the configuration files for the ten test problems discussed in the main article (structured in json format). Examples are included and the provided package is fully working and runnable. This can also be found at the GitHub link provided below.